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Dover Demon Portrait flats :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 4 0 Mr. Jukey and The Grinder :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 6 2 The Grinder and Mr. Jukey :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 13 9 Ask 03 :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 7 2 Painting Experiment: Tree :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 3 0 FLOOF :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 8 2
Returning Hera's Heart Chapter 9
The three rode in silence. Tranch was focused on driving, Happy was petting and cooing towards Tank, and Brown Recluse was looking at the broach.
“So… uh… what’s so important about that broach?”
Brown Recluse took out the box and placed it inside, “It’s none of your concern.”
Happy frowned, “I think considering the fact that we are at the point where it is too dangerous to return to my hometown because a crazy spider lady is chasing after us, I have a right to know at least half the story.”
Brown Recluse sighed, then handed the heart back towards them, “It’s called Hera’s heart. It is a priceless broach crafted from the finest of gold and the most precious jewels. It is said to be crafted by the god Hephaestus himself.”
Happy looked at the broach, then looked at him, “That last part sounds fake.”
“It is.” He closed the box and put it back in his coat, “It has travelled from
:iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 4 0
Pop Line art: Welcome To Poptropica :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 14 3 Cans of Bean: Jazz Hands :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 10 1 Ask 2 :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 14 2 Pretty Princess Marcus :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 11 4 Sparky Marky :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 11 3
Returning Hera's Heart Chapter 8
“Black Widow.” Brown Recluse said coldly.
“It’s been a while, Old Friend.” Black Widow said with a sickening smile on her face.
Happy Bean looked at her in disbelief, “Black Widow… “THE” Black Widow… You used to work for her?”
“Aww. How cute. It seems like you found yourself a friend.”
“We are not friends.” Brown Recluse retorted.
“Wow. Harsh.” Happy muttered.
“How was prison, Black Widow? You look well rested.”
Black Widows eyes narrowed, “I have spent years in isolated slumber, in a nightmare I couldn’t wake up in. Held captive by a god. I swam for miles, MILES, through the ocean with a Christmas Story Reject, A cyborg jester, AND a pirate that can’t swim!” Black Widow paused, then gave off a hearty laugh, “But I won’t get into details. Why don’t we discuss this over a ride?”
Goons grabbed both Brown Recluse and Happy and dr
:iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 3 0
Poptropica Ask :iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 7 0
Returning Hera's Heart Chapter 7
Brown Recluse sputtered out a face full of fur as Tank rubbed up against him.
“Stupid cat.” He muttered as he sat up. Happy was still asleep, but that didn’t matter to him at the moment as Tank meowed loudly.
“Hey. Kid, wake up.”
Happy groaned, “My name is Happy Bean, it’s not kid.”
“Fine. Whatever. Just control your cat!”
Happy groaned once again, “Come here, Tank. Chuchuchu~.” Tank meowed happily and leapt onto their lap.
“Alright, listen,” Brown Recluse started, “I really need to return something, and I don’t have time to send you back home and find you a place to live. So, I’ll make you a deal.”
Happy raised an eyebrow, “A deal?”
“You can come with me. That way I can keep an eye on you and those guys can’t hurt you. Once I am done, I’ll return you home, I’ll get you an apartment, and we will never have to meet again.”
Happy was confus
:iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 3 0
Returning Hera's Heart Chapter 6
Brown Recluse POV:
Great. I got stuck with the chatterbox again. I knew I shouldn’t have come back. The kid would’ve been fine alone in the desert… Maybe… And now those morons think they are associated with me. And they have a cat?
Guess I shouldn’t complain too much. At least the kid is too busy trying to calm the cat down to actually talk to me. That’s one problem out of the way. But that still leaves the main issue: How am I going to leave the kid behind without those goons coming back to harass them? Maybe they have family somewhere, or I could wait a few days before going back to town and dropping the kid off… Again.
I haven’t slept in a long time. I need to get my head back in order before I make any further decision.
Third Person POV:
Brown Recluse pulled up behind a motel in the next town.
“Well, come on now,” BR snapped at Happy, “Don’t just sit there.”
Happy Bean flinched a little and got up from th
:iconbeanskelly:BeanSkelly 4 0


Wake Up [Couple Pose Reference] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 659 19 Collabs with BlazingAngel123 !! ^^ :iconremycygnus1601:RemyCygnus1601 17 12 Do da Homar Shake! :iconwazzaldorp:Wazzaldorp 140 9 Hush now little darling~ :iconrivoraundyingqueen:RivoraUndyingQueen 279 22 Order Up :iconherpaderp6:HerpaDerp6 464 93 Rabbit :iconfaceacrossthemoon:FaceAcrossTheMoon 3 1 Desire :icondavid-dennis:David-Dennis 263 30 Portrait Study set :iconglitterbrushart:GlitterBrushArt 125 6 Edward H. Compton study #2 :iconrobertogatto:RobertoGatto 173 1 BendyATIM | lil bab Bendy :iconronsiturvy:RonsiTurvy 324 167
a tag thing or w/e
ok, so theirs a tag thing i was tagged in thrice, ( :iconpegakid2012: , :iconsydvc: and :iconninetenonetyone: and theres rules, but i dont care about them, ill post them anyways because why not
Write the RulesWrite 13 things about yourselfAnswer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone
Tag backs are allowed
If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!
yea... im not doing that, rather Im gonna knock out all 39 questions and 13 things about me at once, here we go
about me:
1. On my mom's side of the family, i am currently the tallest girl at 5'11, but i also portray myself and my persona smaller 
2. My favorite music artists are Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, and Dionysos
:iconcriaha:criaha 2 3
Bagginshield...One last time :iconhatoribaka:hatoribaka 147 6 NOW I've got a home :iconjulianr710:JulianR710 33 3 Thank You :iconakita-sensei:Akita-sensei 85 3 Bagginshield Cuties :iconnerdeeart:nerdeeart 18 0 BagginshieldNewYear :iconnerdeeart:nerdeeart 14 0



  • Listening to: Hell to your doorstep
  • Reading: Hitchhikers guide
  • Watching: This Documentary
  • Playing: Poptropica
  • Eating: I'm broke
  • Drinking: Tea
I. Have. Been. Better. Since. Being. On. Medication.

Stop the stigma that people can't be their true selves while being on medication
Dover Demon Portrait flats
Working with a new method of painting. I just finished with laying out the flats, I'll continue it on when I can and post the finished piece on my professional channel. 

And no her hair is not that short, she is actually wearing a wig. I know I said her hair can change from blond to brown, but after some revisions it just didn't make sense anymore. She still has the healing complex and enhanced physical abilities like most genetics do, but her main power is clairvoyance, which she develops more control over the course of the story. Right now most of her visions come from dreams and they are really vague
dang I really need to work on my portfolio
ANother thing that bugs me is that I'll have my earbuds in listening to music and people will still talk to me! Like, THIS IS ME TIME
  • Listening to: Hell to your doorstep
  • Reading: Hitchhikers guide
  • Watching: This Documentary
  • Playing: Poptropica
  • Eating: I'm broke
  • Drinking: Tea
I was tagged by :iconninetenonetyone:

[Write the rules]
- Write 13 things about yourself
- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
- Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
- Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
- It is forbidden not to tag anyone
- Tag backs are allowed
- If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!

1. I am autistic
2. I have a wall of post it's next to my bed that I doodle some ideas on and hang on my wall. I guess I could call it my Wall of Inspiration but most of it doesn't really become anything. I have a few beta designs of Mr. Jukey, the Grinder, and Marcus up there as well as some layout doodles but other times those post it's are just there
3. I used to be a Tim Burton fan, but lately I kind of lost interest. I still like movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and BeetleJuice (I am looking forward to the sequel) but other than that most of them just lost their charms. I don't think it helps that he casts the same two people in almost every one of his god damn movies.
4. I love cows. I don't love them enough to not eat beef, but I do really love cows
5. I like 3D animation and modeling well enough, but I would prefer to do more stuff with 2D instead
6. I will listen to a single song for hours on end. Especially if it's happy and upbeat. Not a pop song but a song from a movie or a broadway production
7. I graduate in one year!!!! BACHELORS DEGREE HELL YEAH!!!!!
8. The reason why I don't update as much here as I used to is because I am both working on stuff for my classes as well as my portfolio.
9. I am REALLY trying to get into layout and background design
10. I really like drawing both characters and layouts
11. I like old cartoons
12. I want to make a one shot graphic novel that mixes steampunk and rubber hose elements together (GAY ROBOTS. Just saying)
13. Odd numbers just seem like assholes to me. Except nine. I like you, nine!
14. I identify as nonbinary (They/Them pronouns) but lately I've been identifying more as male 

1. A'ight, tell me, what is your favourite hobby besides the arts?
I don't really have any other hobby. I'll play poptropica and I'll watch movies and read comics and write stuff, but other than that I don't exactly have that many hobbies. I would like to make my own review videos and possibly get a degree in animation history in the future so I can make videos about that

2. How'd you first discover the fandom you are currently in? (It could be any)
I mainly blame my discord friends for getting me into Bendy and The Ink Machine. But I think the real reason why i'm in the fandom is because the animator in me just loves it

3. What're you better at, drawing or writing (stories)?
I think I'm alright at either. I write my own scripts for comics, but I do get writers block more often than artists block

4. Is there someone who inspires you to create art? If so, who?
Many animators out there, Alex Hirsch, Rebecca Sugar, Jorge Gutierrez. :iconbunnybennett: 's band Steam Powered Giraffe serves as the main inspiration for Mr. Jukey and the Grinder. I seriously recommend checking out her deviantart page as well as the band

5. Er... Which do you prefer, gold or silver?
Aesthetic wise I really like silver

6. Do you like to read books once in awhile? (Or do you even know what books are?)
I mostly read comic books. It's hard for me to read word books because I tend to have a hard time reading words for long periods of time (I'm still reading hitchhikers guide). I did recently start reading a book with a bunch of short stories. It's called "Dead Man's Hand" and they're basically stories in a western sci-fi setting. If you like FireFly you might like this book.

7. Favourite Greek God?
I relate to Hades. I appear as dark and brooding but in reality I just want some sort of affection

8. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? Don't lie ;3
I have these three stuffed cows I had since I was maybe three. They're all the same cow, too. You see, I was the First Child so my parents were new at the parenting thing, and my mom heard stories about children with stuffed animals and if the stuffed animal is in the wash the child would sit in front of the washer and dryer until they were done. So my mom bought two more of those cows and every time one needed to be washed she would take that one and replace it with another one so I would think that it was magic. I eventually did find all three of them and now at night and one of them becomes unbearably warm I just switch them around. One of them has a small hole in her so I really have to sew it back one day, but I don't have a needle and thread.

9. What motivates you to make art?
Movies, comics, music, games. Like I said Steam Powered Giraffe served as the main inspiration for Mr. Jukey and The Grinder, but the fact that it's all in rubber hose style comes from Bendy and the Ink Machine

10. Would you rather watch a single television series for the rest of your life, or play the same game for the rest of your life? What is it?
I don't watch much television. So I guess I would play the same game for the rest of my life. Of course, it would be Poptropica.

11. Be honest with yourself; what do you think about your own art?
I mean, I guess it's alright. I still need to improve on stuff like composition and anatomy, but it was better than it was before (Very few people remember Shovel Chin Alberta)

12. Any pet peeves? I have many, including the sound of plastic crunching. And people chewing loudly. And-
I have auditory and visual sensory issues (I think it's linked to my autism). If a room is too loud I kind of shut down. And bright colors irritate the HELL out of me! It actually physically hurts me to see super bright colors. That's kind of why I am drifting away from Steven Universe because of those bright colors. And don't even get me started on the fluxuating character models. I get it that artists have their own style, but if you are going to work in a professional field you need to be professional, that includes staying on model. Serious you guys have no idea how many times that has been engrained into my head for it to become a rule I live by

13. Okay, to finish this off... do you have any thoughts on Hyper Hawk X Sir Gawain? Just curious
To be honest I'm more into the Three Knights Poly Ship :shrug: There is art and writings where I thing this ship is cute, but I will always be a die hard Poly Knight shipper

I'll test my fate and not tag people. I spent WAY too much time actually answering these to take the time to tag people. So (throws confetti in the air and backs out of the room)

  • Listening to: Hell to your doorstep
  • Reading: Hitchhikers guide
  • Watching: This Documentary
  • Playing: Poptropica
  • Eating: I'm broke
  • Drinking: Tea
I. Have. Been. Better. Since. Being. On. Medication.

Stop the stigma that people can't be their true selves while being on medication


BeanSkelly's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hi. My name is Bean. I am an aspiring animator hoping to get my own show on the air.

Comics, cartoons, drawings, I love doing them all

I have Asperger Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum

Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender (or non-binary)

I drink too much tea for an American


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