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I am only faving my own artwork so if other people browse through my faves they might see them
Sparky Marky
This came from a discord discussion :3

Octavian Belongs to poptropica
Marcus is mine
“Black Widow.” Brown Recluse said coldly.
“It’s been a while, Old Friend.” Black Widow said with a sickening smile on her face.
Happy Bean looked at her in disbelief, “Black Widow… “THE” Black Widow… You used to work for her?”
“Aww. How cute. It seems like you found yourself a friend.”
“We are not friends.” Brown Recluse retorted.
“Wow. Harsh.” Happy muttered.
“How was prison, Black Widow? You look well rested.”
Black Widows eyes narrowed, “I have spent years in isolated slumber, in a nightmare I couldn’t wake up in. Held captive by a god. I swam for miles, MILES, through the ocean with a Christmas Story Reject, A cyborg jester, AND a pirate that can’t swim!” Black Widow paused, then gave off a hearty laugh, “But I won’t get into details. Why don’t we discuss this over a ride?”
Goons grabbed both Brown Recluse and Happy and dragged them to Black Widows car, throwing them in. Happy yelped and caught Tank as he was thrown in after them.
Goons sat on both sides of them in the seat as Black Widow slid into the seats opposite of them. She banged on the window separating them from the driver’s seat, signaling that she was ready.
The doors closed, and they drove off. Happy held Tank close to them as Tank hissed at the goon on their side, which happened to be the very goon that threw them in.
“Why so tense, Brown Recluse?” Black Widow purred, “I just want to talk, for old times’ sake.”
Brown Recluse glared at her through his glasses, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are after.”
“Whatever do you mean?” She lounged on the seat and smiled coyly, “I just wanted to catch up. It certainly seems like you have been busy.” She motioned towards Happy.
“Uh, actually… He did, in fact, state that we weren’t friends bef-“
“Shut it, Bubble Vest.”
Happy slouched into their seat, “It’s not a bubble vest. It’s a parka vest.”
“Brown Recluse, we have been friends for years. Why keep secrets?”
“You were the one who betrayed me.”
“Oh, that’s all in the past, nothing more.” She laughed, “But you were right before. There is something that I want.”
“You want the heart, do you?”
“Hm.” She smirked, “Smart boy.” She snapped her fingers and a goon held a gun to his head, “The Heart. Now.”
“You can take it from my cold, dead body.”
“I could, but where would that leave your friend here?”
Happy whimpered a little.
Brown Recluse glanced over to them, then reached into his coat and pulled out what looked like a jewel encrusted broach.
“That’s all you want?” Happy asked, “Dude! That just looks like any ordinary broach!” They reached into their vest and pulled out a Mighty Action Force novelty collectors pin, “Now this is a true work of art! Almost had to sell my soul for-“
“Someone please shut them up.” Black Widow groaned. The goon next to Happy grabbed them and put his hand on their mouth, effectively shutting them up.
Black Widow snatched the Heart from Brown Recluse, “Hello, my darling. Did you miss mama?”
The car suddenly stopped.
“What the heck is happening?!” Black Widow shouted. She opened the window and glared at the driver, “Why did we stop?!”
“There’s something blocking the road!”
“Then move it!”
“I’m not going out there!”
“Ridiculous!” Black Widow shouted in frustration, “I have to do everything around here!” She exited the car and walked around the front of it. In the middle of the road… Was a giant box.
“What is a giant box doing in the middle of the road?!?!” She shouted, “Hans! Get out here and help me move this box!”
The goon holding Happy, Hans, let them go and left the car. Happy sputtered and took a breath, “Ew! I don’t think that guy ever washed his hands in his life! Ew ew ew!”
The box shook, and out from the top jumped a lanky man wearing a blue suit and greasy hair. He threw a smoke bomb, effectively blinding Black Widow and Hans.
“BR! BR you here, buddy?”
The other goon got out of the car to attack him, but the mysterious man knocked him out before he could do so. The man peaked into the car, “Ahem, the calvary has arrived.”
“Tranch! It’s good to finally see you again!”
“Less talk, more hightail!” Tranch pulled out Brown Recluse and Happy, leading them back to the box.
Happy coughed at the remaining smoke. In the confusion, Black Widow and Hans knocked into them. The three fell to the ground in a pile. From Black Widows pocket fell the Heart. Without much of a second thought, Happy Bean grabbed it and caught up with the other two men.
Meanwhile, Tranch and Brown Recluse had climbed into the box. Inside was a jeep.
“How did you get this thing out here like this?”
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to!” Tranch pressed a button and the box broke apart. Tranch started up the Jeep and started driving. Happy managed to catch up with Tank and the Heart.
Brown Recluse took Tank before helping Happy into the vehicle, “Wait! Darn it!”
“Black Widow still has the heart!”
“No she doesn’t.” Happy stated. Tranch and Brown Recluse looked at them.
Happy reached into their vest and pulled out the broach. Brown Recluse looked at them, and smiled, “Nice work, Happy.” He took the broach and stared at it, “… Really nice.”
Returning Hera's Heart Chapter 8
Black Widow and Brown Recluse belong to poptropica
Everyone else is mine
  • Listening to: Hell to your doorstep
  • Reading: Hitchhikers guide
  • Watching: This Documentary
  • Playing: Poptropica
  • Eating: I'm broke
  • Drinking: Tea
Ask any of my characters anything. As long as it is appropriate
  • Listening to: Hell to your doorstep
  • Reading: Hitchhikers guide
  • Watching: This Documentary
  • Playing: Poptropica
  • Eating: I'm broke
  • Drinking: Tea
Ask any of my characters anything. As long as it is appropriate


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hi. My name is Bean. I am an aspiring animator hoping to get my own show on the air.

Comics, cartoons, drawings, I love doing them all

I have Asperger Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum

Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender (or non-binary)

I drink too much tea for an American


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